Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chrome for Teacher Librarians #1

We take a short break from iDevice apps to talk about Chrome. Took me a while to love Chrome. I loved Firefox (don't get me started on Explorer :P) first. But now? Now I have seen the light!

Don't own the Chrome logo, just using it for this post. Scrappin Doodles frog doesn't have anything to do with Chrome, either, just thought he was cute. Kimberly Geswein font. ;)

These won't be as organized as I tried to make the iDevice ones. Sort of random as I go through and figure out which ones to share.

Extensions for Chrome. Do I understand the difference between apps and extensions? Not so much. Apps are links to websites? Extensions work inside Chrome? What does that even mean? Hopefully you don't mind I'm still not totally clear on the distinction.

Search for Feedly. It will come up in APPS!

Dear iGoogle, I'd still rather have you. But Feedly is a nice alternative to the Google Reader interface for keeping track of all my favorite blogs and YouTube channels. On the desktop, anyway. Flipboard on a iDevice or Droid.

Ribbet. Photo editing. Photoshop it's not but does a nice job for most of us amateurs.

NICE alternative to the disappeared Picnik, or Picmonkey/iPiccy.

Font-a-holic? Trying to decide which one to use? Install Wordmark.it and you can see what an example word would look like with all of the fonts on your computer.

Search for Read &Write in the Chrome Web Store and choose extensions.

This is a great one for accessibility in a Google Doc. If you have a student who has trouble reading independently upload the assignment and voila! 


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