Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekend Pins

I love owls. And printables. That is all. :]

Picked 7 up today! Had to mix slightly polka-dot and glittery which sort of bugged. And they didn't have as many pretty colors. But still. On a day when I was already feeling GRRR because the volunteer who wants to change my life by cleaning up my desk was trying to do so ... it made me feel better. I KNOW he's trying to help but seriously. This is how I know where things are. I don't even have a clue how/what to have him do. So I will buy more things. But research! Organized where books are tidy! YES!

I love this book. It's so cute. I love the story. I love that kids love the story. I love that many kids do not even get why it is SO FUNNY.

If I dressed up for Halloween.

OK, Fitness Gurus ... any suggestions for a librarian who has totally lost all exercise mojo? I WAS DOING SO WELL. Three years ago. #unmotivated



  1. I am your newest follower. I found you on Nichole's Fun Friday page for Fun Blog.

    Teaching Fourth

  2. Love your Halloween costume...IF you were dressing up. If you find some exercise mojo send it my way...

    Craft of Teaching

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  3. I love Interrupting Chicken, and that boo printable is precious! I'm a new follower!

    Don't Let The Teacher Stay Up Late