Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday Thoughts on Tech Goals

1) Evernote: Well, so far ... all I've really accomplished there is linking my Skitch (screen grab and picture annotations) account. Which actually has turned out to be helpful but is not yet where I want to be.

2) iPad: Hmmm. Every time I suggest a lesson teachers pick a different topic. But I will persist!

3) SMART Notebook: Have actually made some progress on this one. Certainly using the board more (at least when it works properly ... A POX ON WIRELESS CONNECTIONS and on dumb architects who build classrooms without walls and force us to have something sitting out in the middle of everything where kids and staff alike knock it and get it off kilter five times a day) and the kids are enjoying it.

Late Breaking Update ... the TCEA presentations that weren't accepted in July? They've asked for two of the three after all. So ... you may be hearing about e-readers, e-books, and e-bookclubs as well as QR codes in the library. But classroom applicable as well. ;]


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