Friday, October 26, 2012

Literary Pumpkin Patch

FINALLY remembered (in time) to try this this year. Do you even know how many years I thought about it ... like on the 28th? #butthenitwastoolatetodoanythingaboutit

I was a little leery as ... we don't always get a lot of participation with things. Like two kids out of 700 did our summer reading challenge (which was SO NOT HARD). But apparently we struck a chord with this one!

I totally stole these pics off of our PTA page because I am too tired lazy to deal with getting all the photos off of my school iPad and onto my personal laptop.

Apologies ... the slideshow is five minutes long. That is only one point five seconds per pumpkin (and two more came in today that didn't make it into the video ... a super cute Hungry Caterpillar and Curious George)). But if you have a second or two try the video ... there are so many cute ones! And if you have a favorite I could create a "Ms. O's Blog Reader's Favorite" prize. You will see that a few of them took the "book character based" directions a little loosely. They were so proud I couldn't be too upset. :]



  1. PS I should start a "tips" sheet for things we have learned. #1 Paint. It does wipe off a pumpkin pretty easily. I used acrylic and that worked but poster paint? Forget about it. Which makes it hard for kiddos. :/ #2 Ask for SMALL pumpkins as the totally unexpected response? Gets any bigger and we won't have space for books! :]

  2. Glad they turned out so well!! Mine are due tomorrow. I have 15 due, I'm hoping to get 10. I did send home a parent-child-school contract, but we'll see!

    Love that caterpillar!

  3. Are the directions for this project on TPT? Thanks!

  4. There are lots of different versions ... that is a great idea, though. I should post ours. Took a little bit from all over the place and then put my own spin on things.