Sunday, February 12, 2012

What I'm Reading Monday

So ... NOTHING got read last week. Except for a few blog posts and my TCEA presentations (see the pages up at the top of my blog ... two of them are posted and one will get updated as soon as I can) over and over and then also my TCEA schedule and the directions to get to the convention center. Sad face for no cool books, busy afterschool meetings on Mon/Tues and then lots of driving on Wed/Thurs/Fri. But happy face for cool stuff learned at TCEA (a tech in education conference).

So ... I guess this post will just be what I hope to get read this week. Which is also a short list because I am taking a little trip Wednesday through Sunday (repeat to not you, dear readers, but the Internet at large ... my house will NOT be empty so lay off! I'm still mad at the ones who broke in once. :[) to SAN FRANCISCO. Super excited. Haven't been there since I was four and according to family lore several Asian tourists wanted to take pictures of me and my Grandma having an ice cream cone. Would love to get a copy of those pictures. Anyway. But there's the plane ride! And my Nook! So some reading will get done.

So, whatever I get read next week will be from among these Netgalley ARCs.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again (love the old movie and love Frank Cottrell Boyce so I'm sure it will be cool)
13 Hangmen
Man Overboard
Show Me a Story

(Am I the only one who requests more books from Netgalley than can ever be read? This does not even include my hard copy TBR pile, which I did not get a picture of in to the Nerdy Book Club in time. Drat. Next time!)

EEEK! I rambled a lot in this post. So sorry. Will do better.


  1. Ooooooo! You just turned me on to NetGalley. I am sure this won't be good for me. Thank you!

  2. I'm planning on reading Sway this week too as I jet away to warmer temps for a week! ;) Love, love, love, NetGalley! I also missed the deadline for the Nerdy Book Club video...wasn't it great by the way? I loved the pictures of student's TBR piles!

    Happy Reading this week...and have a fun trip!

  3. NetGalley is great but I totally do the same thing and then realize I have to read them. I still haven't figured out how to transfer them to my Nook so it's extra annoying that I have to sit at my is fun to get the books early though!