Thursday, February 2, 2012


So all of my brain power this week has gone to the Simple K12 Webinar I am giving ... EEEK! The day after tomorrow! And then my two TCEA presentations.

Also nerves.

And putting in letters of intent to maybe transfer to either a middle school or two new elementaries. Actually interviewed for the middle school but I don't interview all that well. (See: Also nerves.) Sort of looking for a change but not sure what it should be.

So I will be back. As interesting as my posts ever are they'll be back. Probably not next week ... that's TCEA! And the week after I am actually going on a short trip. (Not that any of my readers would do this but I just have to interject to the Internet at large: "BUT MY HOUSE WILL NOT BE EMPTY SO NO ONE TRY TO COME IN AND TAKE STUFF, K? ONCE WAS ENOUGH.") But then I'll be back.

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