Sunday, February 12, 2012

More SW Signs

So ... if you're not tired of them yet I turned the bookmarks into some signs. Stick them in a photo frame and make a display around it. I'm not tired of them yet. It's so silly. I think I overwhelmed the artist with suggestions for other characters to include in the second set. ;]

Still have a Luke, Leia, and R2D2 that could use a catchy saying if anyone wants to suggest something.

I also liked a quote my friend posted on Facebook so I remade the Abraham Lincoln bookmark to include it. If you like that you can find it here. BTW ... you've probably already figured this out but I don't put borders around individual bookmarks (even though I would actually like that look better) because it makes it so hard to copy and cut properly. These are just made to be easy to copy and have the kids color as a bookmark (instead of lying books facedown in their desks, or using pencils! EEEK!). If you wanted to make them look nicer you could glue them onto a nice piece of cardstock, laminate them, and maybe thread a ribbon through the top.

It's driving me nuts that I cannot figure out how to embed the links to the Google Doc in the thumbnail. Every tutorial I google doesn't work. Or what I see on my screen is different!

PS This is post #200. I should have thought of something more interesting to post. But I still love the little clip art figures so for now these will have to do. Thank you, Scrappin Doodles! 

PS #2 I did fix the original file where the Reading is not Optional quote was not centered properly. If you copied the Google Doc before I got that fixed ... go back and get it again! It was bothering me! Not enough to change the thumbnail but enough to change the real file. ;


  1. How about for Leia you say "I'd rather read a book than kiss a Wookie" (even though she'd rather kiss a wookie in the movie.)

    1. LOVE IT. Will have a sign and some bookmarks posted within a day or two.