Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So anyone who reads my little blog may already also read this one I'm about to share with you. Just read this post (on my phone ... for reasons I'll share at the end) and then had to go find my laptop.

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They share this list of books that encourage empathy.

*Home of the Brave, Applegate
The One and Only Ivan, Applegate (Have this one! If I can stay awake and not feeling yucky long enough today I'm hoping to read it!)
*Because of Mr. Terrupt, Buyea
Iqbal, D'Adamo
Wit, Edson
No Ordinary Day, Ellis
Flying Solo, Fletcher
*Eleven, Giff
*The Thing About Georgie, Graff
*The Fault in Our Stars, Greene
*Uprising, Haddix
Unbroken, Hillenbrand
*Rules, Lord
Larger Than Life Lara, Mackall
The Gold Threaded Dress, Marsden
*We Are the Ship, Nelson
*How to Steal a Dog, O'Connor
Greetings From Nowhere, O'Connor
*Wonder, Palacio
*A Long Walk to Water, Park
Beneath My Mother's Feet, Qamar
Anna Hibiscus, Tobia

I added the stars for ones that I've read. Some GREAT books here. Add any suggestions you have to the original post back on the Year of Reading blog. I'll see them there. Was reading that post from bed curled up with my phone because of my dumb immune system.

I think I got my own little miracle last weekend to be able to go to San Francisco. Prayers were answered and I got to go! What I thought was food poisoning (because it let up enough to go) is looking to be more like the yucky bug that has been going around my school. It hit again after our staff development day Monday. I went to school yesterday but that was a mistake. Came home and went to bed at 3:45. Got up at 9 for a shower and was back in bed by 10. Any suggestions on ways to improve immune systems? I'll take those in the comments here. I need to keep more vigilant with washing my hands at least once an hour. But what do you do during storytimes when the child on the front row keeps coughing all over you over and over and over. :X 

I hate that I've been gone from school so much this month. There are things to do! Now, I learned a lot at TCEA. So that was a worthwhile sacrifice. And maybe I shouldn't have gone to San Fran. In eight years that is only the second time I've gone on a little vacation during the school year. But now I'm sidelined again with this yucky bug. I'd like to think that the kids and staff need me! And I'm letting them down. :[

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