Tuesday, August 6, 2019

#ditchsummit #wearecue The Rest of It!

None of my notes are as good as hearing the speakers. No pretty sketchnotes here. Really, next time, sign up for the #DITCHSUMMIT!!!!! The teacher wellness topic was really helpful. It IS for kids because if the teacher is at their best they can do more for the kids.

Digital Detoxing with Merve Lapus
I like that he framed it more in a keep this time sacred. Cause this is something I've totally struggled with (taking it AWAY) and framing it as keeping time safe (with people I love and time to myself and keeping my brain quiet!) and protected just feels better. Professional development on our time definitely happens. Going to the gym? Not so much. Need to get that back. I definitely go to sleep before 1AM, though. I can't function AT ALL on that little sleep.

Crystal Chavez
It's really interesting ... she talks about a time when she had a very supportive team at her school. I miss that. Sometimes being the only one ... I dunno. We have to be mindful, teacher librarians, and make the effort to reach out. As an introvert when things start going sideways at school I draw in and that doesn't solve anything. Good thing I've always had my family.

She also talked about attaching habits together to get them going (or, if you've read Atomic Habits ... HABIT STACKING).

Dan Tricarico
I've got his book Sanctuaries. I still need to finish it (I am very slow with books I actually buy, how weird is that, even when it's really GOOD! No due date so no pressure). He also just started a podcast and it's worth a listen. Give yourself permission to take a couple moments for you. He's also worth a follow on Instagram. Intentionality and breathe through the impulse to grab your phone. Silence and stillness. Space. Subtraction (create MARGINS). Slowing down.

Kim Strobel
Boy Howdy ... this one spoke to me. Don't want to be all grumpy but the last couple years have been ... well, grumpy at school. Less than the fun it used to be. I missed getting to see her at the Google thing this past spring (more school grumpiness ... they were lame about my registration!) so this hour was helpful. Forty percent within our control. I've heard that before. That I can't let what other people might think affect me (you'll never please everyone, right?). So it's just something I'm still working on. Being solid in my own practices and doing my best for the kids with what I CAN do ... and letting the rest go. Embracing a practice of gratitude is super important.

Tanya Avrith
Personal and teacher branding ... due to our district survey last spring ... at least I am faking it better for the kids than I might be for the adults in the room. THEY had nice things to say, as often as I might slip in other places and seem grumpy in front of you all. It's a balance between being grumpy/negative and being honest/real. They aren't the same thing. I just try to figure things out here. Matt Miller talked about a book (if he mentioned the title I missed it) about the astronauts and disconnecting the thoughts of failure in your head and that totally reminded me of Angela Watson's podcast this week. TELL THE RIGHT STORY. I struggle with that. For the love. I'd forgotten about a super rudeness but then saw an IG post and remembered and now it's fresh all over. Better to forget. And GO BEYOND THE LIKE and make real connections. That is super cool. I have really DMed / emailed several people from here and IG and that is fun! I mean, real life is still the best way but Internet Friends, you are cool, too! If you are actually reading this you know a fair bit about me.

Matt Miller also talked about the book Digital Minimalism which I actually have on my Kindle but haven't read yet. It's ON THE LIST!

Adam Welcome
So I liked his presentation more than I liked his book Run Like a Pirate ... it rubbed me a little bit the wrong way just because of some health issues but that is a personal reader problem, for you it might be just the ticket to get you out the door and on the road!!!! And I did really enjoy Kids Deserve It. Eliminate and streamline. What is the MOST important. Empower everyone.

Only one Spark image. Oh well. Happier with this one than the others. So picky. :P

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