Wednesday, July 31, 2019

#ditchsummit #wearecue Days Two and Three

So I went back and caught Roni Habib's video and it was great. So needed. Again, I can't really give you the lowdown, I am not eloquent and I'm out of the blogging habit. You need to watch it! (I think you can still sign up? Not sure. Google Ditch Summit 2019 and check. Burned In Teacher said on her stories that she had checked and it was a yes). The main thing is what people need? A safe place to land. Sharing mindfulness doesn't take away from classroom instruction time because the kids (and staff) are actually THERE. Distracted and disconnected? A huge reason why the last years have not felt as awesome as the years previous. For me, anyway. Just trying to figure it out.

(For as much time as I spend looking at images and skimming how tos ... and A. Spark making it easy tech wise ... I can't say I love any of them that I've created. Must work on the spark of creativity and design, I suppose! :P)

S'more notes.

Dr. Sheldon Eakins works in all sorts of ways for equity digitally and on a tribal school outside of Pocatello, Idaho. I'm sure he did experience some ... culture shock isn't exactly the right word but it's all I can come up with, at 0.8%, as lovely as the area is (I'm pretty familiar with at least a hundred or so miles away where my grandparents lived). I'm not a teacher of color and it was "still" an interesting presentation. Retreat and recharge ... and then go back it. Take care of yourself and then go back at it. That's what he said. He talked about black families having "the talk" and that made me sad, especially after just having finished Ghost Boys.

Ghost BoysGhost Boys by Jewell Parker Rhodes

This might be one of the hardest kid’s fiction books I've ever read.
And I'm not really any closer to knowing what to do with it next year. It needs to be shared with lots of kids ... but it needs context and discussion. So many of them will just see the word "ghost" and think "ooh, scary story" and then the actual topic will be so NOT what they are expecting.

It was also hard to read because I have a brother in law enforcement. I guess that is exactly it, though. So many people have dealt with prejudice for nothing but what they look like. I don't want people to think my brother thinks terrible things because of a uniform he puts on. They don't want their kids to be hurt because of the color of their skin.


  1. Argh. Relationships. Remember when we could just all go to work and WORK and not worry about connecting to other people? Not everyone wants to connect, but it's certainly the "in" thing. Connecting to students just means I'll miss them when they're gone.

    1. As a total introvert I certainly don't mean like sit in circles and discussing feelings (which I say because ha ha ha guess what exactly morning meetings are for classroom teachers and the kids). No. Just ... not even worth putting out on the public web. Just hasn't been as fun the last couple years. Felt a LOT more Lone Ranger.