Thursday, August 22, 2019

Be You

Rant ahead.
I'm getting a little ... over the "girls don't like Star Wars" "kids don't like Star Wars" thing. Had several interactions the past week and I really am OVER IT.

1) Many of them DO in fact like Star Wars.

2) You know what? They don't have to. That's not really why I have some signs and I share things in the library. It's because it's part of me and the kids see that and they appreciate THAT, even if they don't happen to love Star Wars and prefer My Little Pony or Five Nights at Freddys. They connect that their teacher librarian has a passion and they know what it is. They draw me pictures and tell me about when they watched the movies with their families.

Take down the Rey that is in the window (specifically BECAUSE people stand right there and hold loud discussions and the walls don't go all the way up to the ceiling and we can hear every word so yes. She is looking at you). Don't have a cutesy Yoda doodle they color after finishing tasks on a Read You Must promo. Argh.

They also know I love Harry Potter. And Mo Willems. And them.

Rant over.

1 comment:

  1. They totally like Star Wars, at least some of them, but my students know that I've never gotten past the cantina scene in the first film! But I read Dr. Who books and basketball books and let them know that I'm not a an of Warriors. We're allowed to be people, for goodness sake! There will always be naysayers. And if they get the worst overhead projector (back in the day), sometimes that happens! Be strong!