Saturday, February 27, 2016

Finally Saturday

Yes, being late is the thing now. :P
Anyway. Random recap of the week ...

1) The bank was out of pennies when I went to get bookfair change. OUT OF PENNIES.
2) I am more sore from setting up bookfair than I was from a hard workout on Thursday where I was the only one who showed up to a group fitness class. They are changing it to cardio kickboxing in a week. This does not sound fun to me. Can't decide whether to give it a chance or go back to my own workouts.
3) So I brought out the Little Bits for third grade on Monday and they ignored them. Then Tuesday they went nuts and totally didn't follow directions and made a ginormous mess. I was irked so I refused to get them out the rest of the week. Then an aunt came in and asked what it was they had been because one kiddo hadn't been able to stop talking about them. Which of course made me feel guilty. Perhaps I have become old fogey-ish and forgotten that learning and experimenting is messy? I just don't have time to keep resorting all of them and for Little Bits it does matter. Each one does a different thing. (For the record we DO have a big sort of tackle box system. With a color picture of each type of part and description of what it does. That is why I was irked ... they were asked to put pieces back where they found them. But maybe that is too much for the age group? I gave up on sorted Legos and bite my tongue when they express frustration over not being able to find a certain size or color. But with Legos you can make two squares do nearly the same thing as a rectangle, you know?)

We are doing some simple dress ups next week. Monday is Wear Lots of Green day for Green Eggs and Ham. Only I discovered that green is not a popular color this season and mine is all too hot for S. Texas. I only have a simple t-shirt. :/

I find myself weirdly fascinated by hand lettering and wanting to learn.

I need to make some! Only there's no space for it during bookfair so it will be a little late. Also higher ups are complaining that the hallway monitor with library pictures and bookcovers is a distraction. Whatevs. For years classes walking through lessons when we had no walls werea distraction. Said higher ups are loud in the hallways and still a distraction to us in the library (since the walls stop short about a foot from the ceiling. Totally using the Peace Pals morning announcement reminders to not let other people's grumpiness affect me.

The last time I tried making these I ended up with melted white chocolate all over my three month old oven. Is it time to get back in the saddle? (I bet some of you are being more thoughtful and creative and doing something super fun ... share links!)

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