Saturday, February 13, 2016

Finally ... Saturday Again

Time just flies.

So I've spent the morning cleaning and looking for posters for the computer lab (cause typing is still interesting with my bum finger from that silly fall at TCEA ... plus designing my own takes more brain power than I've got at the moment). What was supposed to be a 5-10 minute meeting on Wednesday turned into almost 75 and really nothing was accomplished ... we're all still super frustrated at what a mess it is. (And some of us that it seems to be testing prep rote skills practice haven and not much else. But I digress.)

The fact that we don't have a dedicated teacher there means we all need to take responsibility. Just thinking if the walls weren't so dull and bare (and had some useful stuff?) maybe? Is that wishful thinking? Looking at Erintegration's GAFE posters (and iPAD for the library) but haven't decided yet. I kind of like this word wall but there's not actually a bulletin board in there ... and I'm not accomplished in the "make stuff stick to cinderblock" department. Plus too many small pieces for the time I've got on Monday to put it up all by my lonesome.

Here are some pins I liked this week. Click through to see embedded content and go to the original sources.

I love to watch the cookie decorating videos. Will never be crazy enough to DO it but I like to watch. Cause I'm a perfectionist and I wouldn't like the ugly ones you have to make before you get as good as those in the videos.

It's an old video but I saw it for the first time at a Sphero presentation. Funny!

I want some Right Now.

Now. To continue cleaning? Or read?

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