Saturday, February 20, 2016

Finally Saturday ... Maybe This Is the Thing Now

So a couple weeks ago I posted on Instagram about my Smuggler's Bounty Star Wars box. It was fun. Does anyone have a favorite BOOK related box? I've been poking around but haven't decided yet. So much for the budget, you know?

This will be quick because I have family visiting. Nieces and nephews galore. :)

Bookfair is coming up Leap Day/first few days of March. Do I go with their theme, embrace Dr. Seuss, or stick with the Star Wars theme that has never fully materialized like I wanted but I jolly well may keep it another year anyway? I do love fonts, either way.

Seriously like the first actually do-able when you don't have 10 artistically inclined volunteer ideas I ever remember seeing. Once it was a road trip theme and went the extra mile and spent all spring break making a photo booth cart front ... and it cost more than I want to remember and no one even really liked it.

Easy enough.

Next week has two early dismissal days for parent-teacher conferences. Plus Friday is the early out schedule for "clubs" when I'm actually also trying to set up for bookfair. "Here kids, make an iMovie about me setting up the bookfair." Yes. That will go over well. All on a grades 3-5 class checkout week. :P Keep it up! Will actually have a short #IMWAYR post on Monday. Finally finished a couple even with a bad headache week. :P

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