Saturday, December 26, 2015

Reading Resolutions Printable 2016

Shall we start with a Hey Girl? My new favorite. ;) Thank you for bearing with my SW fandom. It will die down eventually. There's just SO MUCH OUT THERE right now. Did you see the video clip of the German department store? It's on the FB page. 1:20 of adorableness. #allthefeels

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Didn't get this done before the break, when it would have been nice to get things copied and ready to go before leaving, right? You see versions of this printable all over (I think this was the first place I saw it?) ... this is a library related one we've used for a couple years now. I did have the kids draw their own numbers for a while but some of them made them so teeny I thought I'd give them a start and then they could color to their hearts content.

Here's a Google Drive PDF version. Fonts are by Hello Literacy/Jen Jones. I printed out page four and then ran it back through my printer to get (any of 1-3) the inside. Hoping the double sided copies work. Sometimes I still get them mixed up when trying to print/copy. If I get back and they don't I'll fix it and repost. Fold on the bold line, cut on the dotted.

Reading Resolutions Printable
Reading Resolutions Printable 2
Reading Resolutions Printable 3

Reading Resolutions Printable 4

See how I had to get #yodaontheshelf in there at least one more time?

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