Thursday, December 3, 2015

Author Visit and Cove Series Book One Fires of Invention

So the premise is not new. A civilization underground and a government that tells kids what their lifelong jobs will be. But ... this version? Manages some unexpected twists that make it fresh! Dragons. BIG mechanical dragons.
Here's the book trailer. I do enjoy a fun book trailer. A bit of a little funny acting but on the whole amazing! After he showed it he said "Do any of you want to read this book?" and they all yelled "YES!" #bloggerfail for not catching it on video or at least audio!

The author visited our school today. WHAT FUN! He was such a great presenter talking to the kids about creativity and changing their world for the better. He introduced them to Alex, Malala, and Ryan. He then talked to them about writing stories and coming up with goals and obstacles and consequences. He pulled up a few volunteers for an engaging interactive storytelling session. I know tomorrow we're going to have a lot of kids asking for the book and we don't have a copy yet! I was a dummy and when this opportunity came up I totally wasn't thinking and ordered a copy for ME to read on my Kindle. I should have just gotten the hardcover and donated it when I was done. Jumping through all the hoops to order books when it's not a bigger order? Not my favorite. But this time I should have!

Strong 4th through probably about 7th grade fantasy lovers will enjoy this one (plus his other fantasy series, plus the Case 13 zombie books which like an idiot after he left I realized we had a copy of) and ALL of the kids enjoyed his presentation. Definitely recommended!

PS Here's his Twitter account!

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