Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2016 Around the Corner

I didn't follow up on any goals for last year. Well, except for get more exercise. I did get more up until the last two weeks (sorry trainer Mike!).

Two things have me thinking.

One, I saw this Kickstarter. I can't even remember how because I don't actually often stroll through Kickstarter. Maybe on FB? Or another blog?
and it reminded me of long ago Franklin Covey days. Plus I love organization. It's calming. Who wants to be looking for stuff or freaking out at the last minute? And the last couple years it has not ben one of my strong points. So ... backed! Still have a couple weeks til it gets here, though. The Kickstarter is closed but I think through this page you can get a six month version. And that direct link goes to some good suggestions I will be thinking over.

Then I received this bit of LOVELINESS in the mail from Big Honcho Media. Check out the Etsy shop where they got them. This one is sold out but so many pretties! STAR WARS! Harry Potter! Other book related stuff!

So of course I've been looking at Instagram pics of planners. There's a whole bunch of crazy sticker/colored pens/washi tape loving peeps. Does that help them to get stuff done? It is pretty. I already have a lot of the materials collected. They've just been sitting in bins or drawers as I think "I really should get rid of that. Maybe take it to school. But it's so pretty! And I spent money!" :P

Really the next couple of days will be spent thinking about what I want from 2016. There are of course the norms ... keep up with better exercise (cause until the last two weeks it was better! So we'll say keep up instead of start again). Eat better. That was going well until ... really the trip. That might help with the sleep and bordering on migraine headaches too, right? And doing better spiritually. I mean, my beliefs are still rock solid but I can't say I've done a lot of growing. Some study there could only help.

But what else? What are some FUN goals ... for the library at school, for the blog, or for me? Anyone willing to share what they are thinking about? Or at least in the case of the blog would like to see? Better book reviews. I love to read but then instead of being useful I just post not much more than "Loved it!" or "Why did I finish this?" Had a blog friend suggest the TPT conference. It IS near The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I just don't see me becoming a TPT rock star. Given the choice I usually choose reading over making new stuff. I only make what I'm using and this year with the change in assistant hours and general school climate that has slowed down. :P

I'm grateful for you all that spend any time listening to me go on. Take care of yourselves and enjoy these last few days of holiday break!

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