Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Yoda on the Shelf

Or C3PO? Or if I am naughty and complete the collection with R2 or Chewie this weekend?

Have you ever "done" it? Care to share prompts?


  1. Can't see the picture...

    1. I know. It's so odd. Shows up fine on Instagram and I've tried re-embedding it several times. Well. It wasn't anything fancy. Just two Star Wars holiday itty-bitties. If I get up the inspiration I'll just skip the embed (always worked before? WEIRD.) and post the pics directly.

  2. Great Idea! I am definitely going to do this next year. Some families don't do Elf on the Shelf and then some kids are feeling left out of the holiday excitement. (read my own kids, haha!) I think I will watch for extra good behavior and have Yoda on the shelf mention that in a note each day of December until Winter Break. =)