Monday, November 2, 2015

Currently November

Linking up with Farley. Are you of the ilk that will sing "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!" with me? Too soon?

Dumb TV. Pre DVR I got a lot more done. 
Star Wars things everywhere! Everyone tags me. The latest posted to my FB timeline was a Death Star waffle iron.
I missed my workout class today. School meeting went too long and was too far away. :( Exercise is not fun but you feel so much better when you do it. The Star Wars 5K that was supposed to happen in early Dec. got cancelled.
It seems like lately at school I am spending more and more time doing uninteresting stuff like "go and check computers that everyone has downloaded the announcement software." Instructions have been emailed out TEN times. Teachers are not children and they are modern professionals. So few interesting projects yet this year. Teachers are so overwhelmed they hardly pay attention ... and it's hard to plan anything completely independently. Too many times I tried and then it wasn't what they needed or I couldn't get them even to come and I wasted all the planning time.
Mess everywhere! Still! A staycation, really, after my vacation. I know. Could I sound more self centered? I got a vacation! An amazing one!
Having eaten a few today ... I <3. I'd say with oatmeal, hey, healthy ... but also sugar and butter.


  1. I definitely need a vacation! Unfortunately I'm doing a LOT of uninteresting stuffy too - like teaching a boring new curriculum to my poor first graders. It's so difficult to enjoy what you do when you are bored!!! :(

  2. Star Wars AND Peanuts trick-or-treaters took over my development this Halloween. Hope you get to enjoy some pumpkin chocolate chips cookies during the holidays!

    : ) Renee

  3. I really want to make one of those charts!

    Listening: Ferocious clicking and typing sounds of a student trying to finish a project before the due date, and the grades 2 and 3 class fighting sounds (through the wall)

    Loving: That it is almost the weekend!

    Thinking: When can I start genrefying my YA section?

    Wanting: A hot chocolate

    Needing: To finish more yearbook pages and do inventory on my cameras.

    Yummy: Leftover Halloween candy, not yummy looking on my tummy though!

    That was fun :)