Friday, November 13, 2015

Finally Friday ... the 13th!?!?!?!

I mean, really, why? It should be a holiday. SLOOOOOOOW in the library. Like really slow after #makermornings (behaviour there was not at its high point there but hey, that was 11 hours ago, right? Who even remembers!) and morning announcements sans sound (I pulled it all down on my head yesterday and haven't figured out how to hook it back up correctly yet. I'm fine, just embarrassed! They had to rush into the PA to finish). Two stories/checkouts. Three class checkouts. And that's it. All sorts of district visitors all over campus, I suppose, could have been part of it. I don't like days like that. I felt ridiculous when they decided to hold one of their meetings with a grade level in the library. Couldn't relax and just enjoy the quiet to get caught up. Just felt appalled they were now going to think we sat in the library and twiddled our thumbs all day. Tell me they didn't even notice, right? Too busy in their own world?

Has anyone ever figured out something the library can help offer teachers that are overwhelmed? All lesson ideas I come up with don't seem to alleviate anything. There is sugar coming out of our ears in the staff lounge (so chocolate is out, even if I could offer it without eating it myself!) already. Just puts them on a sugar high and then LOW.

I am excited about a flat screen tv we are getting to put in the hall. It's ordered and on its way. The ONLY downside to the walls we got last summer was the loss of visibility so this will be like a little electronic window into the library. Trying to remember to take pics. That is hard during the school day! Anyway, pics of our lessons, pics of book covers they might want to come in for (or just go to Overdrive for), completed tech projects, screenshots of relevant database articles, and examples of projects we might do.

Pins below as I've gone on long enough. Have a great weekend.

Simple idea. Brilliant!

Ooh, a favorite color combo.

I want! You may not but I do!

I do love the idea. Started out so well with the concept and then cooled last year. So much else going on. Maybe I'll try again. I do know at school there's an Amazon box with a pair of Google Cardboard glasses in them. That I can't get at because the new bookkeeper hasn't started yet and the office staff won't let me have the box until she's "received" it!

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