Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Pigeon and Pirates and Copyright and Plagiarism

I ... am very tired of doing digital citizenship/ copyright lessons. And there are still at least two more to go. And that's the two that actually ANSWERED me and scheduled something.

So this year I was going to read The Pirates of Plagiarism again. Just got it last year after some drama because new admin/bookkeeper had totally different rules and expectations for spending bookfair money. And then I couldn't find it. Anywhere. :P

3-4 watched a video provided by our district and played a Kahoot game.
5 watched the video and practiced some easy citation.

K-2. Oh, K-2. What do we do when your librarian can't find a book? And the topic is full of vocab that is so hard? We talk about things that are digital. We talk about citizens being part of a group needing to follow rules for safety and to get along.

And then we read The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog. And do a drawing lesson (drawing Pigeon is pretty easy ... I actually start with an imaginary ice cream cone and then add the neck/head/eyes). We give credit to Mo Willems by writing his initials in the top right corner. Talk about how MW has the copyright and can tell people if they can use his pigeon by purchasing the book. And that as students we can play with ideas as long as we give credit and don't try to sell them (over simplified but these are little ones).

Then we add pirate accessories (P is for Pigeon and Pirate). Adorable. And talk about how pirates took things that didn't belong to them. Don't be a pirate!

I've been letting them take their drawings and never getting any pics. Bad blogging teacher librarian. So tired. LOOONG day yesterday with PTA. And a long meeting after school today. (Gym classes are "off" this week. I'm supposed to be doing the treadmill.) Can I stay awake to read some of this?

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