Saturday, October 10, 2015

Finally Friday on Saturday 10/10

I hope everyone had a great week!
By the time Friday rolls around anymore I am just so tired I fall asleep before getting anything done. Like blog posts. Or folding laundry.
Lots to do today to get ready. If you are on Instagram the week starting Oct. 17 will be less in the library or Star Wars related. For a week it will be much more ANGLO-PHILED. And Sherlock-ified. And HARRY POTTER ALMOST ALL THE TIME. Just saying. What it usually lacks in interest might be better that week. When there is wi-fi. International data plans are not great.

Here are some pins I liked or used this week. Click through to get original sources.

We just got two of these a couple weeks ago. So far just used Masterpiece and Tangrams. Masterpiece was a huge hit. Tangrams was as well. Both required reminders that the things that are worth it usually ARE hard.

Yes, of course I love this one. Though it should add "Choose a NEW book, you will!" Because that is really a reason we want books back, right? So that they can get new ones? And, of course, so that others can read the book they had. Just got back The Most Magnificent Thing after SEVEN MONTHS. SEVEN MONTHS. Yes, that frustrates me. No excuse. Better late than never.

That tired led me to some blood tests (where a rude person totally crunched my bumper and drove away :X) and an MRI last week. Of course (luckily!) they found nothing and it will be three months before the sleep-authority neurologist can see me. But that and a silly book study about leadership and "teams" led to some low points this week. "I'm so tired." "There's not enough time in the day to get done what needs to." "MY HEAD HURTS." "I'm so tired." "I miss before the the big budget cuts when I had a full time assistant and felt like part of a team in the library and trusted all members of the team outside of the library." "MY HEAD HURTS." The book goes on about being the right person in the right job and I've wondered. I really have. Then a kid's face will light up when he or she sees me and I try to remember

and since I believe in the kids I keep going. This pin also relates to religious belief. I don't talk a lot about that here but we had a great biannual conference weekend last week after the MRI where I heard a lot of messages that will hopefully help me whine less and remember the purpose of it all more. ;)

The only thing I haven't loved about genrify-ing the fiction area is that creating a HUMOR section hasn't dulled the kiddos' near inability to see any book that doesn't have the word WIMPY on the cover. It hasn't saved Hank books. I weeded another 7 or so and that was half of what we had left anyway. I always suggest Hank. It never works. :/ Hank on audio is what made two of my brothers readers.

Last year we had classes decorate ... well, they looked like brown bowling pins ... turkey bodies! Then they added favorite book titles to paper feathers. That put all the work on them. I love this one. But it would put a lot of the work on me and I still need to finish the electronic resources board inside the library (finally took down the SW "Read and the Force will be with you" banner). Decisions.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway for two free copies of the new Mo Willems/Tony DiTerlizzi title Diva and Flea! Closes in just a couple days! I've loved hearing where you might like to go.


  1. Great pins! I'm a nerdy book club member too!! LOVE!

    Wild About Fifth

  2. I so glad your tests revealed nothing serious. I hope they get to the bottom of your fatigue. It is so frustrating not to feel oneself. Looking forward to catching up with your blog! I've fallen behind both in reading them and blogging on my own.