Friday, October 30, 2015

Finally Friday Oct. 30

So ... long time no writing, right?

Of course you shall be subjected to London photos. Even more than already posted on Instagram. But not yet. For now just this pic of my drive home today.
It's supposed to keep raining tonight. Messed up family fun tonight ... but others in south Texas had it much worse. Weird to be driving to school with a tornado warning on the radio.

Loads of book character pumpkins this week. Some really unique ones. 120 total.

Here are some of my favorite pins. See you on Monday with a Voyagers giveaway. On a totally unrelated note who remembers the ancient TV show of the same name that always ended with a "Find it at your library" sound bite? So terrible and yet I enjoyed it. Was on Amazon Prime for a while. Books completely not even the same thing, just the same name.

The 5K I'd signed up for in December was cancelled day before yesterday. That bums me out. I hadn't gotten the cardio training in I wanted but it had helped me get on the treadmill when I didn't want to at all. Guess I don't need this anymore.

Laugh, it made me.

While in London I discovered the tastiness that is orange spiced cocoa. Got it at Pret a Manger. Will have to see if this comes close? #emptycalories

I NEED this.

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