Friday, June 6, 2014

Finally Friday June 6

The kids are done! I'm not. But the kids are.

There is ... unrest about the 80 boxes that are going out just this week. And the 40 or so the past several weeks. Look at what's STILL HERE, people. How much easier it is to find! #theyllcomearound WAIT! Did I tell you all? I mean, I mentioned the walls. But at the time I didn't know how much they were doing. It's going to be awesome. No window. No office. Barely any space for any personal teaching materials. But in terms of functionality and traffic flow and teaching (i.e. noise and distractions and general hallway chaos)? Wow. SO. MUCH. BETTER. I cried when they finally showed me plans. I cried. Anyway. On to the pins ...

Besides exercise this summer? Better eating/drinking. Less pop.

In light of previous comments? #IRONY #stillaworkinprogress

I love this one! Note to self ... start making lists of has tag subjects and saving book covers in a folder.

I have ... lightning strike earrings. A scarf. A "Keeper" t-shirt. What else do I need ...


  1. Good luck with transition back to summer and lofty life and reading goals... Learning about how to eat with healthy only diet- eliminated sugar, processed foods, meat, dairy, soy and more... Quite a challenge. Weeding takes a while to recover from, especially massive weeding! :)

  2. Be sure and post a picture of your space when it is finished. I'm trying to eat better, but my weakness is DP (Dr. Pepper). I'm cranky without my daily fix.
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms