Sunday, June 1, 2014

Currently ... JUNE!!!!

I'm not out yet. But it's very, very close. ;) Now to link up with Farley.

Listening: to 24. Season 3. I've been on a binge ... more listening to it than anything as I went through the boxes of JUNK from school that were basically in a big pile in a corner of my dining room because I needed the boxes for withdrawn books. I am glad to say that mess is gone. Properly in trash bags or organized in a much more efficient manner. Though whether they ever get to go back to school where they are spur of the moment accessible is another story.

Loving: GOSPURSGO! This pic is all over my FB wall. Don't know who originally made it.

Thinking: Summer! It's almost here! 4 more days with the kiddos (Well ... waving to the kiddos in the hallway as we mad pack/toss the library in prep for the renovations. That I only got some guidance/info on on FRIDAY.) Then one day with campus teachers. Then two half-day "flipped classroom" trainings (I already know how to do most of it. But I thought maybe if I signed up they'd give us time to actually work on some. Sort of force me to do it? Instead of the best laid plans?). Two days of tech camp (teaching one point five of those days ... Google one day and image editing the other half). One day with Kylene Beers talking about literacy. Then Colorado! And W/P/O/A and sometimes D at my house for six weeks! Oh and M/O/Z/C for a visit this week. And WA to see C/F/T/A!

Wanting: A diet cherry limeade. But it's Sunday and I don't shop on Sundays. And even if it was still Saturday I'm not quite desperate enough to drive the 11 miles it would take. Yet.

Needing: So many unfinished things. Packing up all of the storage cabinets in the library (because they are getting ripped out ... I have no idea how much storage will be there when I head back to school in the fall). Still weeding another 2200 books (already done 2000 in the last three weeks ... the first 1800 or so didn't bother me at all as they were GROSS. But it's ... well, have you seen Kid President's Pep Talk video? The part where he says "I took the road less travelled ... and IT HURT, MAN!" The last 200 books hurt. 2200 more?).

Bucket List: I've already mentioned that I really need to get back to exercising this summer. I haven't felt ... right since I got out of the habit. Tired and grumpy and stressed out. Not in control. Then time with the nieces and nephews ... and their parents, my siblings/siblings-in-law. :) And #BOOKADAY! My list is extensive. A post devoted just to the really really top of the To Be Read list is coming.


  1. Hi!! mmm now I want a REGULAR cherry limeade from Sonic!! My favorite. I think it's awesome you are a school librarian. I've always thought that must be such a tough job. I can't even keep from losing one book, let alone thousands!! Have a great summer.

  2. I can't wait to see your book recommendations! I'm glad to know that I"m not the only one who has been purging and feeling the need to downsize. Your image about handling the heat is cracking me up. My sister is moving to Texas at the end of the summer....she certainly cannot handle the heat! It'll be an interesting experience for her!
    Enjoy your summer!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  3. I wish we had a Sonic where I live. I have a feeling I would get addicted.
    Artistry of Education

  4. You are coming to Colorado?? How exciting! I hope you have a fantastic trip! :-)

    The Craft of Teaching

  5. Hi Angie. I really enjoy your posts and thank you again for helping me get my blog going! I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. It's kind of fun to fill out if you so desire. I have the nomination directions on my blog - hope you accept:

  6. :) Shall anticipate your TBR share. I personally have a huge load of books I'm putting on reserve in a few weeks to have waiting for me at my public library when I get back to Oregon, over a year of withdrawal is enough! :) I'm out of the habit with exercise as well... hoping to incorporate yoga back in...

  7. Sounds like an exciting summer. You are so dedicated to attend PD's over the summer! I hope you'll share if you find any new tools to use.

    Not Just Child's Play