Friday, June 27, 2014

Finally Friday June 27

Where did June go?

I'll be real honest with you. I'd like to go back and have a do-over. Didn't see some personal things coming by a long shot. Can't change the past, though. So move forward with faith, right?

Speaking of faith ...

This is actually pretty genius, right? Because while we all know that the search function is not super complicated ... color coding (especially for the little ones who can't spell yet!) would be a super easy way to help the kids know where to find an app. "It's on the purple row."

I am super excited for this. Seriously. BIG help in workflow and collaboration. Even in Google Apps use at the elementary level and definitely at the secondary.

Not much of a selfie poster. But I am thinking about chopping my hair off. Not like I can "do" it, anyway. 8 days out of 10 it's twisted up in a clip. This one's cute, right?

(Why is this formatting so strangely in the preview? Looking at the code it looks the same to me.) Had totally been planning on Hour of Code next year ... only to find out Wednesday that we are getting a new principal. Don't know WHO yet. Just that ours is getting sent to a new school where her bilingual skills were apparently even more needed. We will miss her. She was "good people."


  1. Always moving forward, althoughh I don't find the faith necessary. Our day of coding was less than thrilling- the woman running it couldn't even tell me what language the kids were using, and it turned out to be weird internet based stuff that wasn't really any language at all. Sorry about your principal; it's hard to lose good ones!

  2. Was thinking of Hour of Code because Genius Hour ... didn't turn out how I wanted. Didn't see a whole lot in the way of kid motivation. What did I miss? Like ... they did almost nothing outside of our time together. Tried so hard to help them find topics they were interested in that they could actually research. :( So if I have to close the library for an hour four days a week (cause my assistant also had a tutoring group ... so that's eight hours of staff time a week) I wanted to feel like we were ACCOMPLISHING something. And not being an elem classroom teacher ... my ability to instruct kiddos on number sense or phonics is way limited. The canned stuff my assistant does ... was not remotely interesting to me. The coding might be. So we'll see. :P