Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weekend MisMash

Nothing too interesting to talk about this week.
I did make some veterans (see Deanna Jump's packet for the pattern!) with a kinder class yesterday. Will get pics next week. They are super cute/funny. Some of them are better at following directions than others. Of course, that describes all of us, does it not?

Still working on a couple more data board posts. And discovered some problems with links in the previous one so I'll get those fixed. :/

Could be BRILLIANT. Could be disastrous.

Thanks to allergies my head feels like it's going to explode. It cannot, however, because WINNIE and PENNY are visiting this weekend! They are my nieces. Five and a month away from one. They used to live in town and then moved six hours away.

In honor of their visit I did put my little random bits of a TPT store on sale through Monday. Apparently you can't have a sale longer than four days or I would have made it through Tuesday. I need to fix the preview pic for I'll OWL-ways Love Reading because I like it. And the holiday version as well. Gotta Love Digital Bake Shop graphics.

I am taking a personal day on Tuesday to hang out with them. Voting takes place in our school library and since they have people to run that and don't need me, and since with this being a presidential election year and it bound to be busy, and since it being busy makes the library super noisy but not with the sounds of learning and that makes me highly anxious ... WHY NOT?


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  1. I don't care how misMashy your posts are...I always love them.

    Sounds like Tuesday is the PERFECT day to take off. Enjoy the time with your little nieces!

    Craft of Teaching