Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cyber Monday & Lessons I Got/Want

I WON I WON I WON on Kathy Law's GGG giveaway. I first learned about Kathy with her awesome book-based games. Then I discovered how much the kids loved her color by codes. And she created some super cute FREE fonts. I'm sure you have probably already heard of her but if you haven't check out her blog here and her store here.
I got some more color by codes as well as the magnet game and an ABC order activity. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! The kids are going to be super excited!

(Edit in June 2013 ... since I'd deleted some of the pins ... some of this won't make sense!)
These are some other things I'm thinking of getting on the big TPT or TN sales. I spend way too much money there on teaching ideas and clip art (Etsy for that, too, but more and more of the artists are heading to TPT!). Do other librarians ever find it kind of hard to "guess" what you might get to use or not? I buy stuff and then sometimes can't ever convince a teacher to let me have their kids. Or we change our minds entirely from things that we've done in one way or another for several years. Oh well. It's still fun and I can use the ideas with my nieces or nephews.

Pink Cat Studios. I love more and more of the stuff she's started posting. Her Elves pattern recognition is cheap and easy ... something for the kiddos that can't check out books (long long long overdues where you get no response from home :/) or the kiddos who are fast at picking books and then start ... getting into trouble.

Love these polar bears. Need to think of something to do with them! Either some story activities or research. Or both. Never mind that I already had a Scrappin Doodles polar bear (she had an awesome sale yesterday ... did you take advantage? Oh, wait. IT'S STILL ON! Through Monday, anyway.)

Well of course.

Actually already have this one cause the TN sale started already. Not sure when I'll use it but of course, again. Seemed perfect for the library.

Don't really know this tacher author but I love Oliver Jeffers and the ideas seem fun.

The younger the students the more I have to work at it. They don't come naturally (is it the former high school teacher in me?). I quite often forget to be as explicit as you need to be. So I think this is a good idea.

Ideas for the kiddos that aren't actually on the iPad? (We only have two ... and only one has any of the paid apps.)

I love all of her ideas for questions and challenges and projects. I don't come up with ideas like this. Or ... when I do? Takes A LOT of work. Either she comes up with them much easier or is willing to part with the ideas for much less than I would ... cause the price is very reasonable for her ideas!

These look cute for science stations in the library. Can't decide ... can totally see this being something I get and then don't get to use. But I might get it anyway. Or get it and MAKE SURE I don't give up until I have students in to use the activities with!

Remember this? She has more! They are cute! The kids have fun and there you are, integrating math into library time. (Is it just me? Not my strong point.) I started playing around making my own (you know me and clip art) but she's added several more to her store and they are cute and not expensive in the least!

There are more but I don't want this post to be completely overwhelming. ;]


PS Most of my little store is fun reading display signs and bookmarks. Got some fun holiday and winter themed ones. Though I do like the little packet I put up for My Penguin Osbert or the Penguin Patterns activity. It's all 20% today through Tuesday. Monday and Tuesday you have the additional 10% off from TPT.

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