Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Read & Watch Books

I got an email from Stenhouse a day or two ago and finally opened it. I am curious.

Has anyone Read or Watched one of these books? They look like they might swing older than elementary but I'm still intrigued. The originally secondary ed teacher in me is curious.

BUT as I've been spending too much $ for school stuff lately. And am very like building a house next year (Pinterest friends ... I will still be interested in library and school and tech stuff ... just don't be surprised if you see more house stuff coming through, too!) so need to be WAY better at saving ... can't just take the plunge. But they're on sale! But I really need to be better about spending. But they look good! And you can preview them online! But. But. But.

Digitally Speaking - Stenhouse Publishers--says 4-12 and what I can see so far looks interesting. Communication is SUCH an important skill. Just not sure if I'd get to use it enough in the library to make it worth buying and reading. Or maybe I should just for ME.

Reading Amplified - Stenhouse Publishers--very curious about some of the tools they mention in the description. Though they do sound like the 7-12 suggested grades and not sure with all the tweaking that would have to be done it's worth it at this point with my current students.

Word Travelers - Stenhouse Publishers--still recommends older than most of my students but might be more easily adapted ... again, would I get to ever use it? So much of what I buy or find online I don't ever actually get to use. :/ Can't have the kids for long enough because there's just not enough hours in the day when everyone wants something from the library. And it's not always cool lessons. A lot of the time it is, thank heavens. But not always. :/


Nighttime Tylenol (A POX ON YOU, POLLENS AND MOLDS!!!) is kicking in so good night. Wonder what the election news will be in the morning. Or ... by the time this post goes live we may already know. Maybe.

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