Sunday, April 8, 2012

Smore = A Super Easy Page Builder

I should keep track of where I hear about things because this one ... wherever I heard about it? Need to pay attention to them. Lots of fun! I can't wait til they get out of beta and PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE have an education version? That is best case scenario FREE but at the least reasonably priced. There are too many opportunities for authentic publishing of student research and learning!

In my perfect world the ed account would be kind of like Big Huge Labs. The teacher would create an sort of master class account and then be able to import a student list to create sub-accounts. The kiddos would have personal logins but the teacher would be able to go to his or her account and see what everyone was working on. This is my world, though. Don't know what they have planned.

Here's the home page of Smore.

It's this easy. When you log in you can start editing.

And you can change background colors and pics. Right now it's from their preset selection.

Didn't get screen grabs of the different styles but know that there are others!

And here's an example of a page in progress. Doesn't have much to it yet ... but what you see took about 30 seconds. That's the cool part. Making it look nice is super fast and easy ... so the real concentration and effort is where it should be. ON THE CONTENT.

I haven't tried moving the pages to my own "domain name" (mostly because I was a total dummy and didn't just buy it through Blogger and am still amazed that I managed to get it to direct to my blog ... no idea how I did it!) but for initial beta thoughts? So cool. Keep it up, guys!


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