Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Library Data Board & Late Tech Tuesday

So right now it is just circ stats and age of the collection reports. I actually have seen a couple kids, parents, and teachers stop to look at it. For now I'll keep it up.

In April it might be good to add some sort of lesson representation. As math is not my forte you would laugh if you knew how much thinking it actually took for me to get Graph Club to work like I wanted it to. And to make the pictographs (representing chapter book checkouts and picture book circ ... each book = 100 checkouts). By the time I figure out what sort of representation to use for lessons and other class visits it will probably be the end of the year and I'll realize that totally I forgot to keep track of the data. ☹

I'm not a die cut machine master yet and like a total dummy I actually thought when I was cutting out the brown parts that that was the binding of the book. And then the pages were going to be white. Oops. Oh well. ☺


PS Do you like how I used some in there? There's your late Tech Tuesday post! Don't worry about remembering all sorts of weird HTML code key combinations. Copy and paste! Also ... next week I will talk about Fun and easy! I hope they have an ed version when it gets out of beta.
PS #2 Hello to new followers!


  1. PS This is on the wall RIGHT NEXT TO THE FRONT OFFICE DOOR. So I should make it count. Suggestions?

    I keep thinking I will make a video or at least post pics. But as much as I love the people at my school ... the space makes me nuts. No walls. Hundreds of people walking through at any given moment of the day. Noise. Noise. Noise. Distractions. Distractions. Distractions. It's fun on new book delivery days cause they all walk by oohing and ahhing. And that's the only day that I don't dislike it. Working on trying to let it go. :/

  2. I think your data wall is a great idea! You could also use Microsoft Excel to make your graphs if Graph Club is giving you trouble. You won't have the cute graphics that Graph Club offers (unless you add them yourself), but it's an option anyway.

    Suggestions for graphs:
    1) Top classes for returning books on time
    2) Top 10 patrons (who has checked out the most books in a certain period of time)
    3) Top 10 books checked out each month

    Just some ideas. Good luck! =)

    1. Oh ... I like! Will have to see if SIRSI does those reports. Must admit I haven't a clue how to get that info. Sad that I have to say Excel ... well, that is part of the not so great with math. I can do lots of other tech things! Really! I even took a district class but it didn't help. You learn what you use regularly. I guess I should make math more a part of library activities. Hey. This data board is my start. Thanks for dropping by!