Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tech Tuesday ... Animation-ish

I've been playing with this a bit on their free two-week trial. I need to ask them ... read some news reports from Jan of this year that it will be updated in "early summer 2012" (along with the debut of an i-Pad app!).
If I bought it now would I get that update? If not I will probably wait because this will take some getting used to and I am a perfectionist (totally against the "ish" principle, I know). Plus the school year's almost out so I'd have more time to play with it in the summer and use any finished products next year. Yes, we do still have two months. But I've got a lot personally going on in those two months as well so I might just wait for the new one. Still. This is fun! I do want!

Get your info here.

Think of cool book trailers. Or (if you had the license for school) projects kids could do ... show the water cycle, or a plant growing, or the phases of the moon.

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