Friday, March 30, 2012


Hmmm. I thought it sounded like fun. But now I'm not exactly sure what I want to do. Should have planned ahead. By Friday night my brain is somewhat fried.

1) Well, I've never added a follow button just cause I know there aren't all that many of you (THOUGH I DO APPRECIATE THE ONES WHO ARE!). Seemed kind of silly for the numbers I see on the dashboard and in Google Reader. That's how I follow most blogs. Google Reader. But maybe I will, anyway.

2) Reorder the sidebar. It's kind of unhelpful.

3) Add a Pin It button to posts with printable signs and bookmarks.

4) Figure out a review style. I read pretty fast and rarely take notes as I go. So ... my reviews are not all that helpful. They're more like ... general impressions. Anyway. Ponder. It'd be cool to come up with a ratings system other than the stars on Goodreads. Though in a pinch that works.

5) Work on a blog backup. Just in case. I keep meaning to do that with my personal one since it's the closest thing I have to a journal. Never do.

6) Brainstorm some new post topics. ESPECIALLY topics that would lend themselves to pictures.  Not pictures of the kids at school, cause that's not allowed. But pics in general.

7) Commenting. DO IT MORE. I started the commenting challenge over at Mother Reader back in ... when was it. January? February? Then I got sick and let it drop.
(This one's not done ... but I have commented on a few. More to come! There are lots of great blogs out there!)

But now I will go take a Tylenol because CURSE YOU POLLEN my head hurts.

8) Let's see if it works ... I added a signature.
Lame. Didn't work. What did I do wrong. Or maybe it will only work on NEW posts. Not updated ones.

9) Playing around with some social media icons. Only one I've added right now is Pinterest. Color actually works, which is cool. What I really want is to have them in a horizontal row in the lower right of the blog header. That will take more HTML knowledge than I currently have. But come June it will make for a good project.


  1. Sympathizing with the pollen-induced headache. My symptom is more of a low energy state, which makes sitting at my computer pretending I'm working on Bloggiesta (when really I'm monitoring the chatter on Twitter) feel productive.

    Have a fun Bloggiesta!

  2. Feel better Ms. O!! #4 is something I have to do too! I never really thought about it until you just mentioned it.

    Good luck on your Bloggiesta list!! :)

  3. I definitely have to put in social networking buttons too! I know what you mean about review style, it's so hard to find that balance between fun and professional. Good luck! :)

  4. If I stop commenting, it's hard to get back in it...but I think this weekend I've been commenting tons, so I hope I'm able to keep it up after this! Good luck for the rest of Bloggiesta!

  5. That's a nice list! I am with you on finding it hard to keep commenting - I go in spurts. I'm sure it drives the regular commenters absolutely batty (I mean, if they notice). Good luck on finishing the rest of your items!

    p.s. the Pinterest button looks fabulous!