Sunday, March 11, 2012

End of the World Club

The End of the World Club (Jaguar Stones, #2)The End of the World Club by Jon Voelkel
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well. Pretty much feel the same way about this one as the last.

Lots of fun adventure and funny lines. Way cool.

Lots of totally ridiculous past the point of even slightly believable in a book parts. Way uncool.

So ... the two averaged together come out as a low to mid three stars. I will keep reading. I'll just curse myself a little bit every time.

Don't have a copy of this in our library collection. Send the kids to Jake Ransom And The Skull King's Shadow. But our public library has these. And if I found a student that was interested in the Maya I'd suggest this series as a second fiction read.

Still remember seeing who I guess now was the author dressed up in the most ridiculous sort of Mayan costume at ALA a couple years ago.

pg 98
"She cupped her hands around her mouth to make the sound of a howler monkey, the loudest animal on the planet. And if Santino Garcia was surprised to hear the girl of his dreams roaring like an angry dinosaur, he was too polite to mention it."

(a very very SMALL spoiler)

pg 333
"We're becalmed in the Sea of the Dead, off the Coast of Death. That can't be good."

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