Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The One Where Ms. O Spent Too Much $ at the TPT Sale

but is super ready to ROCK distance and hybrid learning.

Consider this like a haul post. That's a thing, right?
Hopefully it will not be as annoying to y'all as the emails and IG posts about the sale, though. I KNOW, I don't need to be reminded twenty hundred eleven times. Is that grouchy?

What can I say I liked the layout/colors/look of this one. I might edit/smash it together with what I was working on in the previous post. Thanks, Funbrarian!

The silly thing is I ended up making mine look at lot like my real space. It is a small rectangle with no windows. But I did use a couple things and now if I wanted to design the most awesome space, it would be easier. Wouldn't have to do all that png searching. Thanks, InOurLibrary! (Also did you know about Google Slides recolor? I did not. Blonde wood turned cherry. Voila!)

So many good books. And so many neat activities that support the books and standards. Easily adaptable to different grades. Thanks, Two Little Birds!

Once upon a time I would have wanted to design it all myself. But now? I'll enjoy the headstart Mrs. ReaderPants gave me and tweak to my heart's content. So much faster and more downtime for me!

Last but not least (by a long shot ... I got in on the first set the first BTS20 TPT sale) ...

So many good titles. Not just for kinder. So many lesson ideas (and FUN stuff) that can be virtual or in person. Yes, it was an investment.  Between this and the TwoLittleBirds and LearningLibrarian's PreK bundle ... well. Like I said. Too much $. BUT if it is good stuff for kids and makes my life less stressful? I AM THERE.Anyway, thanks to PrimaryScouts for this one!

Please don't do the math. I know it was overboard. This is not even all of it. 
I will keep you posted on how actual implementation goes. This week I've been reading 

book cover image

in honor of the movie release. Not even a book from all the lessons I got. HA! What I would give for a pic of the days when I would go visit Ivan at the B&I. Without the bad late 80s hair, mind you.

One day I'll get creative again. Thank YOU for sticking around and reading! For now my energy is spent being virtual with the kids. When I get home it's reading or TV time. ME time. A little blogging time. and actually should add exercising back into that, too, but baby steps.

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  1. Hope you enjoy your loot. I haven't bought clip art since it was aCTUALLY books of art that you cut out! Understand trying to figure out everything right now and doing what is necessary to stay afloat!