Wednesday, July 29, 2020

When It's Been So Long Since You Last Blogged You Forgot How to Create a New Post

*taps on mic to Internet* "Is this thing on?"

So. I started this blog when I came back from the BYU Books for Young Readers symposium TEN YEARS AGO. And funny that this is the first year I've been able to experience it again. They went virtual because, well ... you know.

If you're on IG you've seen these. So far it's been SO FUN. Kate DiCamillo's keynote was awesome and so was Guy Francis'. Then they also have posted booktalks and a little tour of the Provo Library's Attic gallery space.

photo of webcast illustration

Tomorrow they will release Candace Fleming's presentation.
You can see the schedule here at this link. It's not free but it's SO worth it. And you'll hear about the books in the booktalks because I am looking for them! They mentioned some new ones I didn't know! Had a couple years there with no budget. Y'all that have dealt with that for a long time ... power to you. It's hard.

When they can meet in real life it's in Provo, UT. This is yet another reason I know I'm old cause this was run down and abandoned when I was in college in the area. I remember my humanities class offered a guided tour at the time and they talked about Philo Farnsworth testing there. That was back when it was the BY Academy and even more years ago than my college residency!
They obviously put in a lot of restoration effort. The pic will take you to their website.

screen grab of Provo City Library webpage

So. Last year I spent a lot of time sick. Like ... a lot. Coughing and coughing and coughing and fever and pneumonia. And that was before the world went crazy and we had ever heard of this novel virus. Here's hoping to more interesting and worthy of posting content in the year ahead. Will probably still be more on IG but I'll be here, too. Reflection is good for the craft, right?

We're starting our year with 3 weeks of remote instruction. They finally finished off the walls over spring break so going back next week will really be the first time (I popped in a couple times over the spring quarantine but never spent more than an hour or two) I've been there. It's ironic that we have less ventilation NOW (no windows, center of the school, and the HVAC leaked for years) but you know. Whatever. The construction on my commute has made a lot of progress. Still a long drive but not quite as slow.

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