Thursday, September 15, 2016

These Are the Days

I'm behind in all my reading and listening so I haven't started it yet. But all the heart eyes! All the heart eyes for this series!

The day started with an upset adult two minutes before morning announcements (in the library). I didn't handle it well (open with "It never made it home so it has to be here." "But it's not so hopefully they will find it in the classroom. She said yesterday they were looking for it." "But it's not his fault" and it went downhill from there). With grumpiness on either side no one wins. :(

Then a couple fun read alouds so there was that. Kinder and PreK both heard How to Babysit a Grandpa. "Today we're going to read a book about an old guy. Who do you think he is?" (Sometimes you have to amuse yourself, no?) "A PawPaw!" First grade heard The Dot and of course we used the Quivervision coloring page. Some of the message gets lost in the absolute tech amazement (apparently none of them have used a Crayola Alive coloring book) but I'll take all those "WOWS". All of you all that did more involved things for Dot Day ... power to you!

Then a lesson fell through but I remembered our equipment inventory was due. OOPS! The AP helped us clear out a lot of OOOOOOOOOOOLD stuff last spring so it was the quickest and easiest equipment inventory ever. What luck! Morning frustrations not gone but helped. And some great visits of kids on passes. Calm and unchaotic enough to talk a little bit and help them find a book. I know it can't always be that way but it sure is nice when it happens! And some great kids exploring Overdrive and creating wishlists.

The bookfair flyers came and we will have Mother Bruce.

Always a little nervous when I know a sub is coming. I was supposed to have a migraine preventive med checkup tomorrow (actually working well, knock on wood!) but the doc cancelled yesterday. Couldn't get an after school time until the END of Nov. Like post T-Day break. Lame. :/ But since I'd already made plans for the afternoon he's still coming. And I will get to hang out with one of my sisters and my mom. Family time recharges.

Early happy weekend everyone! Dullest post ever but that was the day. Some good and some less. Keep on swimming!


  1. How is Overdrive working for you? We're starting it up this year, and I'm hoping the kids will go for it. So far this year, physical book checkout has been amazing! Way more than usual.

    1. Our district likes it! In fact we had over 100,000 checkouts last year. Now ... was MY campus responsible for a large number of those? No. It's ... well, we're the tortoise. Slow and sure upticks in use will win us the race! Just a lot of families (and staff) that aren't used to electronics for reading (or don't have access to electronics). So we talk it up and practice and we're definitely improving. It's a type of reading that isn't going to go away so I feel a responsibility to promote it. It is similar ... but different to print! We need them both!