Saturday, September 10, 2016

Already Saturday Sept 10

I was in PJs within 10 minutes of getting home. Tired.

Why is it so hard for students to use shelf markers? And bookends to not slip? And teachers to send class return books down early (well, I know it's hard there ... but as you know, it's less hard than not being able to check in books, check out books, and help students find books as one person with 24 plus students).

Now that I've whined ...
Things That Were Interesting This Week

Seriously, if you like Star Wars at ALL you need this book. Well, and the others are pretty fun, too. ;)

Speaking of messy library spaces ... though adults chuckle more than kiddos at this.

I need to make this. And get patterns cut so that kids could make it. I'm toying with the idea of making the club I sponsor this year either Star Wars or Harry Potter. iMovie was too stressful last year ... keeping track of everyone, range of kids from 3rd through 5th, no help (that knew what we were doing, anyway ... I mean, she did try but didn't know a thing about iMovie or iPads), keeping them on a storyline when we only met once a month or so for 70 minutes. That turned out more like 50 with transitions.

Or stumble around until you fall into clothes, have bags hanging off of both shoulders, and are sitting in your car. By then you definitely need to be awake. No, I don't drink coffee. :/

My brother is a police officer clear across the country. They are in NYC this week to perform with his department's bagpipe group. I remember 9/11. I was just starting my second year of teaching HS Spanish. 14 Cows is still my fave book for the day! Take a moment to remember bravery. Then pick back up and be a brave teacher and serve your students now (I'm telling myself this cause remember earlier whining) and have fun with Dot Day!


  1. I love 14 Cows too! That poster with library sportsmanship is just classic!

  2. Great post! The joys and frustrations (and exhaustion) of being a school librarian. Every day is different, isn't it? Boredom is one thing I've never experienced on the job. Best to you and the new school year!