Friday, August 5, 2016

And It's Already Friday AGAIN

Last one of the summer. Insert sad face here.
Once the kids get to school and we get started it will be OK. There are just a lot of ... meetings to deal with between now and then. That only about 20-25% of which will be applicable.

Well. Enough of that. Click through for original sources.

I tried drawing a BB8 and R2D2 last summer. You did not see a picture of that. There is a reason why. So ... this is not my library door.

Leafy green (Yoda?) is one of my favorite colors. Even though leafy green comes from plants. That produce pollens. That are my nemesis (had to stop taking meds for retesting next week ... summer is usually my easiest time because it is so all fired HOT even the plants wish they could stay inside but this summer ACHOO-ing all over the place!). Also I imagine we'll all be feeling much like this red panda the next few weeks until we get back into the swing of things.

Last holiday season I took pics of Yoda on the Shelf. Purely pictures, no behavior tie-ins involved. This one is funny, though. Not sure why it showed up in the middle of the summer but oh well.

Excuse me for just a moment because I do not even really know the story behind it.

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