Saturday, August 13, 2016

ACK! Already Saturday! And still August.

Behind. What a surprise. I'm sitting in my study hiding from the current chaos for a bit. On the plus side I did get

  •  three doctor visits (:P bum leg and allergies whatevs, fine, no worries);
  • a car inspection (why is it so hard to find a place that actually DOES those?); 
  • a visit to the tax office for new plates and car registration;
  • a bunch of stuff back to school out of my laundry room and garage;
  • one long hallway bulletin board covered and bordered (thinking I might do a grade level 40 book challenge and have them tell me books or articles they've read and post mini covers or screenshots? Would that work? Points for not having to change it out); 
  • a long inside the library bulletin board bordered(LOVE THAT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE COVERED though no idea what will be going on the board ... I've done a word wall and an electronic resources wall-cause it's behind a wall of computers);
  • another smaller board pinned together ... waiting for it to actually be hung on the wall to staple and take pics cause I like it ... BB a GR8T Reader!;
  • printing and cutting for some of the computer lab bulletin boards (I don't do it and it won't get done. No one has time. I'm just making it this year because it hasn't been done in too long. :/);
  • a little organizing at school;
  • a full day elem. library PD downtown (where I managed to lose my car at the park and ride and since my Tile just died about two months ago and I haven't gotten a new one yet ... that was fun);
  • five nieces and nephews under five (and one 2 weeks away from 9) visiting, along with my siblings and inlaws;
  • college brother home for a visit after a cancelled flight adventure;
  • and the biggest barbecue ever (poor college brother missed the first round but will get the leftovers).
Next week is a day of Leader in Me, a day and a half of the new teacher evaluation system (that will not be used to evaluate teacher librarians so that will be super interesting), a day and a half of working in the classroom (though have you found they still tend to hold meetings in the library during that time? A little frustrating with no office), a half day of data, and ... I cannot remember what the other half day is. Kona Ice will be there on Friday! I suppose to make us feel better about having getting to stay for a long Meet the Teacher night.

I don't drink coffee or touch anything with banana. Otherwise these look tasty.

Maybe something like this. Only ... it would be awesome if it were something that could stay up longer. Fun stuff for a little while, sure. Long term more informative or instructional (though it is on the other end of the library from the teaching area).

Cause it's kind of funny.

No more hiding out. Family fun time. Loud but awesome. Missing the other half (I have eleven nieces and nephews. And five siblings total).


  1. Feel the same way about banana but NOT about visiting children! Not a fan of tiny tykes! We start with PD on Monday. I have "people" who do my bulletin boards- didn't do well in that class. Hope the year goes fairly smoothly!

    1. It would be nice to have someone who would do them but I do not. Even back in the day with my super awesome almost full time assistant. Didn't have an artistic bone in her body. If it had a black line she'd cut around it but that's it. Now she is not around to do that anymore. :(