Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Coming home with a cold makes it less interesting to unpack and clean (wait, when was that ever interesting?). Why not sit on the couch (not still in my PJs, at least) and explore some of the people and topics I can get to online? I am jealous of all the peeps at ISTE and at ALA (because all that good stuff AND Orlando/Mickey/HP?) ...

This is the badge I made up. Nothing mind boggling unless you are also taking cold medication. :P

Been poking around the Augmented Reality and Green Screen stuff mostly. On to Maker stuff after some reading. And if I stop sneezing to somewhere to get a green backdrop. Only I look like Rudolph right now so that can wait.

At least next year I should be able to go. It's in town!

On a side note are any of you going to KidLitCon? Thinking about it. Just thinking right now but it's fairly accessible.

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