Saturday, June 4, 2016

Finally Friday ... Wait It's Saturday June 4

Our students' last day was Thursday. I spent most of Friday cleaning and organizing (because who can ever do that when kiddos need books? Or even after school when every meeting under the sun or even the after school care group can just suddenly appear w/o notice? I am the last to know). Will continue to do so several mornings of next week, with some PD in the afternoons. Then I'll be done.

We also had a PTA luncheon yesterday. And a quick meeting for "service awards." This made me feel old. Three years as a HS Spanish teacher. A couple years break for my master's. Then at the same school the rest of it. Which has some wonderful students and parents and staff. As much as a change would be interesting it's never worked out. Anyway. I appreciate the thought but what on earth am I supposed to do with it? Same with the stack of books statuette for the Trinity nomination or whatever it is I'm supposed to pick up at Central Office for missing the reception?

Years of Service Award

But when I got home yesterday I got distracted by a grown up #bookaday. So I missed getting a post done. Oops.

So this was cute. Only how would I get across the idea that it was not to sit and color and then want a "prize" before ever leaving the library? We hand out spirit sticks for making reading a habit for a month. This year I did away with separate reading logs (waste of paper and waste of the time to fill out a second one) and thought I'd use the teachers. Then teachers never sent kids or reading logs to me. I asked once a month for the first semester and then gave up. I didn't mean to add to the teacher's load. Admin said (during my evaluation) they wanted me to reinstate separate logs next year (I could point out I was also asked why with I was using so much paper to copy summer reading fliers from the local public library as well as like B&N, Half Price,etc. Because I want them to READ? And get free books?). I don't really like reading logs but I can't conference with every single kiddo on the campus. So I don't know what to do. Will worry about it later. Just thinking about coloring at the moment. Summer brain already.

I would rather do something like this. Would that fit with the seven habits "lighthouse" goals apparently we will really be working on next year?

Personal coloring. Because I like simple more than the elaborate designs in many "adult" coloring books. Made my hand tired even before I broke my finger. (Oh, wait. There it is again. Old.) She also does some pretty cute planner stickers. One of the places I actually buy from. Most of the time I just use all the clip art I already have.

I like the colors on this one.

We won't talk about how many books were still out. They are getting read and loved. They are getting read and reread and loved. They are not under a bed or behind a couch. :/


  1. I cannot figure out why the last one is posting so many times. The code looks exactly the same as the others. I don't really "get" code but seriously, looks exactly the same.

  2. CLearly the only thing to do with awards statuettes is to put them in the laundry room. When you are folding socks, you can gaze at them and think "I am worthy!" At least that's what I do with them. We don't get service awards. I have 18 years in now. Four as a LATIN teacher!

    1. And this is where I admit ... the name plaque got pulled off and it was placed with Goodwill clothes (real books went to district used books sale) that I actually do still need to drop off. I struggled with that a bit because why do they want STUFF they just have to get rid of . Even if the plaque came off easily. Yay, Latin? We had that in our department at the time. I don't think they do anymore but we did. They went to all sorts of competitions.
      Skip the pins (20 years-or was it 25-gets you a pen. 30 a crystal apple. :P) and send me a useful book for the library.