Friday, May 27, 2016

Finally Friday May 27

As a kid do you know what part of summer was? Monkees reruns (I am not THAT old). Listening. :)

I missed the cupcake truck at school today. :(

I totally want one! Or two. We have two Osmos. We'll see how hard ordering is in the fall. We'll never save enough for new tables if I always give in but new tables versus cool stuff? (Still wanting new iTouches for Google Cardboard and another couple Spheros cause one they fight over too much).

Those silly color chip photos ... I find them soothing. This one is pretty.

I like this! We're mostly doing ChatterKid book reviews (I should post some. They're funny).


  1. I was sent a Sphero and some little electronic bits for my MakerSpace and am not happy. As one of my 12 year old helpers said "What will you do when someone drops it the second time it is used?" Also, what would I give kids something to do that is NOT reading? They spend plenty of time with stupid electronics but not enough reading. Ugh. Sorry. Rant. Must reconcile myself to Makersapce by August!

    1. They love the Sphero (we got the Ollie version). Hasn't broken yet. Now the LittleBits are a frustration because nothing I've tried keeps them organized. And unlike Legos (because I prefer them organized, as well, but gave up that fight) it DOES matter because each little piece does something different. So I feel you there.