Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Been crazy times, right?

I am learning about 3D printing by making lots of mistakes. Learning about designs and how to help kids make good choices (usually by having it turn out wrong first ... but that's OK!). Also about watching for low filament because there's no warning message. And then that when you ask the vendor which filament to buy they may not pay attention to the right size. And trying to restring filament ... it twists and kinks and snaps. Quite a lot, actually. Learning, learning, learning.

Testing the week before all books are due ... makes for younger kids frustrated at why the library is closed. Sunday night I woke up multiple times dreaming I was in a car sinking in water. Crazy. Times. I don't even usually remember dreams. :P Didn't know I was ... having that much fun. And many of y'all get closed a lot for this reason. That is hard!

BUT just got a new bulletin board for the library. Haven't decided whether it will be for book promo or "making." And some bulletin board type strips for the teaching end. I really want to get this but $$$. Bulletin boards don't cost as much. Still afraid things would not get put back (right now I get it out and put it away in the mornings). I should trust, right? Trust!

AND I just signed up for a chalk lettering class. So that will be fun this summer. AND I have so many new books I want to read.

AND I still get to read The Thank You Book (Elephant and Piggie) to lots of classes.

AND these guys are visiting this weekend. I love all 11 of my nieces and nephews. When siblings send me reading related photos it's icing on that cake. #imanaunt

And the Thin Mint Good Humor ice cream sandwiches are excellent. Though not very "clean."

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