Friday, April 29, 2016

Finally Friday April 29

Mostly checkout this week (ha ha on that ... more later). And a big to-do where I messed up and didn't notice the 3D printing filament was getting low right before the 5th grade girls who designed a water wheel as part of their hydroelectric power research project finished and were ready to print. You'd think with something so cool it would have a simple "Hey, dummy, go order some more."

I have some great ARCS on my Kindle. And a book my brother-in-law published on Amazon that (luckily, cause I admit I was like "what on earth will I say if I don't like it?" is actually quite good. I was trying so hard to read last night but I guess I'm getting old. I fell asleep at a quarter after eight. And that's with a nap. How long will I make it tonight? :P

Here are some pins that caught my eye. Click through for original sources. Have a great weekend!

Pin ...

My attempt ...

Considering I should have changed the background. And tried a little harder on the jersey. And recut the letters instead of throwing them on a background when I realized like a dummy I'd cut them out of the wrong color. And not even taken a pic til I had more book covers up there (plus maybe a basketball and GOSPURSGO)? Not a total fail but not as good. Oh well.

Actually said I was five (well ... soon to be four) years older than I really am. Oops.

Dare we try this at school? I don't dance. But the kids would LOVE it!

I could scream at this. I really could. There are several classes where more than half of the kiddos can't get new books cause they haven't brought back the old books. And half of those are from six weeks or longer. Return what you have so you can get new ones! Under your bed they're not doing anyone any good!

Off to read. Or fall asleep. Though I just saw that there could be more hail. SA has had some really bad ones lately. Not myself but a lot of people at school. So odd. USAA is sending drones around to investigate claims they have so many!

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