Saturday, April 2, 2016

Currently April

Linking up with Farley.

Twice a year my church holds a special worldwide broadcast with speakers delivering messages. We used to have to go to the church building to watch it (via satellite) but hooray for cable TV and the internet. Church in my pjs or yoga pants!

It does make me feel better. Don't do a lot of talking about it on my blog here but it does seem like messages are personalized. Heavenly Father knows what we need and the Spirit delivers the message.

Two days of testing where the library was closed to the 400 PreK-3rd grades (well, and 1 day 4th grade) so Monday and Thursday were crazy. Then Friday was a club early release schedule day and then iMovie making with 15 grades 3-5. Totally making it up as I go. Wish I would have chosen a different topic! At the time I had been asked to work with a kiddo that needed some extra motivation to keep his academics and behavior in check and was really interested in filmmaking (he wanted to be just like Zach King ... and it was actually pretty cool to see the change in him when he talked about it ... the ONLY reason I agreed because hello, I don't know anything about filmmaking!). Then he moved after our first meeting. :P

Vacuuming and dusting and general pick up the clutter. Sigh. It gets ahead of me! And I have no one to blame but myself!

Seriously, why must soda taste so good when it's so bad for you?

It hurts to look at the Comic Sans. It really does.


  1. I drink waaaaay too much diet soda, too! Nothing seems to quench my thirst as good, especially when I'm plugging away at the computer. And LOL times 1000 at the Comic Sans comment!

  2. I need that SAME magical wand!! I need to get busy cleaning my home!!

  3. When you invent that particular magic wand you will be a billionaire! I hate housecleaning... I like a clean house, mind you. Just. not. the. cleaning. :) See you around. Kathleen