Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thinking About Space

and budgets.

I'm thinking out loud here. And not at the gym because they changed the class time I attended to kickboxing and ... I discovered I don't really like kickboxing. Must find new fitness routine.

Right now I can't even bear to really show pics of our "maker" areas because they aren't accessible to kids during the day and they are a hodge podge mess. I want to get a couple carts from Demco, get rid of two tables, and create a making island.

But I also want to get a face out magazine display because having all issues in boxes does not encourage browsing. Also the labels are ugly and fading. Literally never realized before today "hey, you made nicer labels for pretty much everywhere else, why have you always only used the Dymo here?"

And I want to get rid of this big rack and put a Lego wall in there (we would have to move the carts when it was being used, and it couldn't be used when it was teaching. Isn't that sign funny? A first grader brought it after two days of particularly "fun" dismissals). The book/CD packs go out about ... 8 a month? Is that enough to justify the space?

But I also want to replace all the tables because they are huge and hard to move and the edges are falling off. Saving enough bookfair $ for that is going to take a long while, especially if I give in and do any of the aforementioned projects.

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  1. I want to ADD tables, move around my shelves, and need to clean out overhead projectors. How do you clean the Legos? That's the burning question in my mind. I'm being forced to have a Makerspace next year, but I know if we invest in Legos, someone will throw up into the bin in the first month!

    1. We've had them two years now. No throw up. The one time we ever had a donation it was Duplos and they were ... well. A few got put in the dishwasher utensil buckets and the rest sort of disappeared. We used to have even more tables. Was ridiculous because you could barely walk between them. And there's just no reason to have that many tables because the acoustics of the space will never allow for all the seats to be used.

  2. I put copies of the magazine cover as the labels and think it not only looks better, but also makes it easier to find.

    1. I did that today. It was the last day before spring break and Junior Achievement was in all the classrooms giving lessons so the library was pretty quiet. It does look better! I still want some face out space but it DOES look better. Great idea. So odd. Literally have made prettier labels for pretty much everywhere else in the library. What took so long there?