Friday, March 18, 2016

Already Friday! Mar 18

Spring Break is almost over. Insert conflicted face.

Anyway. Yesterday was sort of a day lost because of a rotten headache. So much for celebrating the green. Did you? Wednesday was fun. Didn't get any pics but had lunch at the Grist Mill and then driving through the bluebonnets with my Mom. If you've never seen a field of bluebonnets you've missed out! No pics. Just enjoyed it. Monday and Tuesday were mostly spring cleaning. Bleh. I get so overwhelmed by STUFF. And yet I still want more. :P

Here are some things I thought were interesting over the past week. At some point I need to plan a poetry lesson for first grade. No one else wanted to do anything next week (half day on Monday because of second dr. appt. for dumb headaches, then Good Friday off, then the next week ... less than fun things).


This. OH, THIS. Partly when there's not enough time made to talk about different titles. And partly when the push to "chapter books" is made too early.

This site had lots of great writing, prompts. Not "just" Lego, although they were obviously a favorite.

What a lovely color combo. I love the color combo pins. I find looking at them just as relaxing as some of those apps that give you the images of the beach with wave sounds. I don't quite know why I'm in so much need of relaxing lately. Temperament, I guess.

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