Monday, July 28, 2014

#IMWAYR July 28

It's Monday! What are you Reading? is a meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journeys. It is a great way to recap what you read and/or reviewed the previous week and to plan out your reading and reviews for the upcoming week. It's also a great chance to see what others are reading right now… who knows, you might discover that next “must read” book!

Our Kid Lit to YA version is hosted by Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers.

GREAT IDEA! Check out all of the What Are You Reading? participants for title ideas.

Missed last week (and spent a fair amount of time on a plane or waiting for my brother who works the night watch as a policeman to wake up) so it's a long one. Click though the pics to go to my Goodreads page for more specific info. I will be highlighting a couple of them anyway in the next couple of weeks. And oops. I didn't mean to get the average stars in the pic grab. I don't usually. That is the total average. Mine ... well, my rating was often quite different for several of these, strangely enough. I still hate it when that happens. I either wonder what I missed or why I liked something nobody else did.

A quick rundown ...
Loved Loot.
Sorry to say I did not care for Braving the Brontes ... which surprised me a lot.
Skink (I believe, anyway) is a great book ... but the target audience is higher than previous kidlit titles by Carl Hiassen. Don't think I'll be getting it for our elem. collection but it would be a good one for a MS with the examples of the dangers of giving away too much personal info online.
Absolutely Almost is kind of sad. I felt so sorry for the kid with his clueless parents and teachers! But ... well. He is the everykid, no? Wonder is still my favorite but many kids will see themselves in Albie.
The picture books I got to see at the most fun little INDIE. I visited an Indie! This has been a silly little thing on the bookish unboring list for a while. It's so hard to get to the one that's in my town.

You already know I am in the middle of Invent to Learn. What else to finish? Time is running out!

I am totally chicken to head in to campus to see progress on the library space renovations. Is that silly?


  1. No you're not silly! Unfortunately I live way too close to my school. Was there today and our new front doors are still not installed. Since that's right beside my library, I have to deal with the dust until they are finished.
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms

    1. Whew! Cause I felt silly. Been loving your Monday Made Its. Feeling behind the times with them but enjoying them all the same. ;)

  2. I'm in the middle of Invent to Learn too! Didn't know there's a new Carl Hiaassen kid's book. Yay! I don't ever read mysteries for grown-ups but I love his books for kids. The parents in Absolutely Almost drove me crazy.

    1. It's not out quite yet. I am terrible at remembering to state when I read an ARC. And schedule things better. #badblogger #andreallyaslongasIhavebeendoingthisIshouldknowbetter Look for it in Sept.!

  3. Good to know about new Hiaasen, was wondering, thanks! Renovations are scary! Out of your control!! :) Although, many things are decided when you're not around, hmm...

    1. Things are decided whether I am there or not. :P But for the most part the decisions that were made were as good as they could be reusing the exact same space. We're going to be "cozy" but at least it won't be so distracting!