Thursday, July 3, 2014

(Almost) Finally Friday July 4th !!!

Happy birthday, America! Hopefully you are at a pool or the beach. I'm not. With family but nowhere COOL. Just where ... it's hot.

I am in "AUNT TEACHER LIBRARIAN" mode. One of my nieces is here for the summer between a move cross Texas. She home schools due to some food allergies and aversions. We need to do some research projects! Of course Pebble Go will be a big part of this. I will be in this mode at least until I head to WA. Then it will probably just be aunt mode because I won't have as much time with them. I hope their TL (do they have one? Occurs to me maybe not in WA. I should find out) takes care of their research!

Summer reading mad scientist dough at the library. Their conference room carpet will never recover. #callmeafussbudget


Red, white, and blue!

Haiku Deck is pretty awesome so I am curious to try this "smash."

Look tasty, no?

So. I never know what to think about things like this. Obviously meant to remind us of something. Did they get permission? I kind of think this would be fun to have, though.

Excellent thoughts on Google Classroom ... what they got right and what they might still want to consider.

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